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E3:Ich flipp aus!

Bits and pieces as they come:

Ninja Gaiden Black

FUCK YEAH! Tecmo bringen Ninja Gaiden neu raus, mit allen Hurricane Packs dabei und noch ner Menge weiterem geilen Scheiss, inklusive ein noch leichterer Modus “Ninja Dog” und ein noch härterer als”Very Hard”: “Master Ninja”. 250MB Trailer bei 1up, ausserdem ein geiles Interview mit Tomonobu Itagaki:

1UP: You know, when we reviewed the game, we warned people “This is hard,” but everyone on message boards scoffed. But when everyone finally got the game the reaction was “OMG.” Did you guys think “Well maybe the average gamer isn’t as good as we thought, so let’s make it easy on them?”

TI: That’s right. In other words, there are some people who want to beat the game, even if it means being reduced to the level of a dog; people who are not afraid to shame themselves to accomplish their goals. Sometimes in life, that type of style is necessary. Anyone who can think like that can still be a real man. The Ninja Dog difficulty setting is for men like that. So don’t give up too easily!


Stubbs the Zombie

Die Videos sollen für sich sprechen. Man rennt rum als Zombie, beisst Leuten ins Gehirn und kann Sie anschließend befehligen. Sieht interessant aus: http://www.stubbsthezombie.com.